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LAND  IN  BULGARIA     Aerial Pictures form  Dolna Banya and Borovetc,Bulgaria

We have plots all across Bulgaria and we strive to present the plots in the best possible for the buyer format. Here are AERIAL pictures of Dolna Banya Valley, the ski resort of Borovec, the Ibar Golf Development  where we have hundreds of plots for sale.

UNIQUE  SEASIDE DEVELOPMENT  of Log Villas  in Bulgaria

log houses batovo bulgaria

Unique development in construction, location and facilities. The log villas come with 50 years guarantee and bring cosiness to this small development where the owners benefit form the picturesque location in close proximity to the sea and large array of equipment and possibilities for active holiday - riding, fishing and hunting amongst them.


NEW GOLF AND SKI  Apartments, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located in South-Western Bulgaria near the Ski resort of Bansko and its nearby Golf Course this development is one of a kind. It boasts with more facilities than any other development and you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.


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Property selection according to your requirements
Our books contain a wide variety of properties in different areas in Bulgaria. Sea, mountain or countryside, house, villa or apartment

Advice and consultancy
We strive to give impartial and unprejudiced advice to all our clients. We can answer most of your questions regarding Bulgaria and purchasing property in Bulgaria. Our pre-sale and after-sale service is second to none. Personal visits at your convenience in your home or at our offices for example, is what most internet and Bulgaria only based companies do not offer. Our after sales service includes help with moving to Bulgaria, legal advice on purchasing and afterwards furnishing your more...

Opening bank account and company (if required)
At present, to buy a house with land in Bulgaria, you are required to open a company which involves opening a bank account, some legal procedures and registrations.

Negotiating with sellers
The prices on our website are the prices the vendor wishes to sell his/her house for, all are subject to negotiations. Our in depth knowledge of the local property market and the understanding of the Bulgarian

Arranging the deal and completing the legal administrations
You have chosen the property you like. To acquire it you have had to pay a deposit and sign a preliminary contact. This contract indicates the amount of deposit and when you are obliged to pay the rest of the sum agreed for the final property purchase. At same date the deeds are transferred from the vendor to you. The date depends mostly on how fast you can make the transfer of the remainder of the funds to your Bulgarian Bank Account to complete the purchase. You may have to stay more than two weeks or you may have to return to Bulgaria to finalise the

Assistance with building and refurbishment work
Through our partners in Bulgaria we can offer assistance with refurbishment, building extensions, swimming pools or landscaping. Thanks to our experienced local

Furnishing your Bulgarian property
One of our partners has shares in a large furniture factory in Central Bulgaria, near the town of Gabrovo. Therefore we are able to offer you best quality Pine Furniture direct from the manufacturer. The furniture is designed and produced exclusively for the British market where the factory supplies number of shops throughout the UK. Upon request we can arrange visit to the Bulgarian factory or our Nottinghamshire warehouse, where you can discuss your order

Moving your personal belongings, furniture or cars from anywhere in the UK and Ireland to anywhere in Bulgaria. A few of our lorries are leaving UK and Bulgaria

Accounting for your company
The company you have registered in order to buy your house will need accounts to be prepared annually and tax returns to be submitted. In every town we sell properties we have a team of professional accountants, who will look

Additional post-purchase services and property management

Your property in Bulgaria will most certainly need someone to look after it and carry out minor repairs and