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LAND  IN  BULGARIA     Aerial Pictures form  Dolna Banya and Borovetc,Bulgaria

We have plots all across Bulgaria and we strive to present the plots in the best possible for the buyer format. Here are AERIAL pictures of Dolna Banya Valley, the ski resort of Borovec, the Ibar Golf Development  where we have hundreds of plots for sale.

UNIQUE  SEASIDE DEVELOPMENT  of Log Villas  in Bulgaria

log houses batovo bulgaria

Unique development in construction, location and facilities. The log villas come with 50 years guarantee and bring cosiness to this small development where the owners benefit form the picturesque location in close proximity to the sea and large array of equipment and possibilities for active holiday - riding, fishing and hunting amongst them.


NEW GOLF AND SKI  Apartments, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located in South-Western Bulgaria near the Ski resort of Bansko and its nearby Golf Course this development is one of a kind. It boasts with more facilities than any other development and you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.


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The Razgrad region is located in the north-eastern section of the Danube plain, with area of 2 637 sq. km. 1 020 sq. miles, or 2,4 % of the total area of Bulgaria The Razgrad region borders with the Rousse, Silistra, Shoumen and Targovishte regions.Razgrad region comprises seven municipalities- Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat, Zavet, Loznitsa, Samuil and Tsar Kaloyan and 113 settlements, of which there are 6 towns and 107 villages. A larger part of region is located on the Ludogorie plateau. The southern part is hilly, while towards the north it, the land is fused with the Dobroudzha plain and Danubian riverside plains. According to the last census in Bulgaria, which was taken in March of 2001, the population of the Razgrad region is 153 156 inhabitants or 1,9 % of the country total. This represents a decrease of 14 254 from the previous census, a fall of 8,5% while the population of the entire country decreased 6 %.
The average population density is 57,8 inh. per This is considerably lower than the average density for the country - 71,9 inh. The municipalities of Razgrad - 98,8 inh. per and Isperih - 62,0 inh. per have above average densities while the remaining municipalities have much lower: 30 - 60 inh. per
Infrastructure-gas, water, electricity supply, telecommunications network
The electrical power system is relatively well developed and it is in adequate condition, despite that at some places low voltage lines and 20 kV Lines are need of reconstruction and modernization. The electric distribution system has the following characteristics: 11 electric substations - 110/20 kV and 110/6 kV; 20 kV Grids with 1379 km (856 miles) of overhead lines and 192 km (119 miles) of underground lines; 1 358 km (843 miles) overhead and 264 km (164 miles) underground low voltage lines; 1 029 transformer numbers.
At this moment Razgrad is just partially gasificated, but in 2002 gasification will come to Isperih with 44 km (27 miles) of planned gas pipes. In Razgrad, the main gas distribution pipe - system with a total length of 20 km (12,5 miles) has been completed. All municipality establishments including the hospital, a number of schools, all kinder-gardens, the dental clinic and the social centres are gasificated.
Water Supply
The municipalities in the region have different levels of water supplies. The Razgrad municipality is oversupplied with drinking water from its own sources and from the "Danube" water supply system . In Isperih, there is a sufficiency of water which provides a good water supply. In Kubrat, the water supply is provided by the deep and shallow drillings, shafts, reservoirs and pumping stations. In Loznitsa, there are 15 sources for drinking water which supply the needs of population. In Zavet, wells make up the water supply system, but the population is not completely satisfied. In Tsar Kaloyan, all settlements have their water supplied through their own sources - catchments and drainages, piping wells and shafts.
The communication network has different levels of development in the different municipalities, with necessary level of satisfaction in part of them /in Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat municipalities/, partially built telephone networks in other municipalities /Loznitsa, Zavet / and a completely built telephone network in Tsar Kaloyan municipality. In May 2001, a new Digital Telephone Station with a capacity for 2 050 telephones in Razgrad was introduced.
By density of telephone network, the region is little bellow of the average level for country. On the territory of the region, there are three cellular phone operators: Mobiltel, Globul and RTC / NMT- 450 system/, which cover a larger part of the region.
Logistics-roads, railroads, airports
The roads in the region are of different categories: from sections of state road network / II - and III - category/ to intermunicipality roads / IV - category/. The international road E 70 Rousse - Varna and II category national roads II-49 Tutrakan - Kubrat - Razgrad - Targovishte and II - 23 Rousse - Kubrat - Isperih - Dulovo all pass through the region. The region's density of road network indicator /368 km per 1000 / exceeds the average value for the country - 336 km per 1000
The roads from the international road network / E 70/ and from II - category of state road network are in relatively good condition. The roads from III and IV-category are in adequate condition with asphalt covering and crucial functional fitness. The first ever railway to be opened in Bulgaria in the late 19th century connecting Rousse on the Danube and Varna on the Black Sea passes through the region and provides connections with these important ports, as well as with the Silistra region through Samuil Station and with South Bulgaria through the Kaspichan Station in the neighbouring Shoumen region.
The nearest international airport and seaport are in the city of Varna, which is 136 km (84 miles) away from Razgrad, the centre of the Razgrad region, while the nearest river port and boundary custom in the city of Rousse are 65 km (40 miles) away.
Income of the Population
The level of income is an important problem faced by local economy. Incomes registered are just those earned under labour contracts; however, this does not include some highly paid occupations /advocates, consultants and others/. In order to eliminate this problem, statistical surveys and interviews are being prepared, but respondents do not always provide correct data for their incomes.
The basic source of income for the population in the region remains salaries, pensions and social payments, but because of their very low level, people search for other sources. Generally they include the sale of self-harvested agriculture production /especially in the villages/, rent from land and lending of real estate. It should be noted that the average salary in the private sector for the region is a little higher than the country average due to the manufacturing branch with an average salary 14 % higher than the country average. However, all the remaining branches annual average salary is considerably below the country average.
Current priority industry sectors
The Industry continues to have a important significance for the local economy.The sector produces 20 % of the Gross Value Added for the region and employs 34 % of the workers.
The Chemical Industry -The chemical, or more specifically, pharmaceutical industry, is a traditional branch for the region. The main company is Balkanpharma - Razgrad J.S.C, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Balkans. This plant produces drugs and substations. Zavet J.S.C is located in Zavet and produces human and veterinary medicines. Other firms operating in branch include: two small firms Merkurii and Polmeks in Kubrat for plastic products and Chimik J.S.C in Razgrad for industrial chemical products. The branch has good developmental opportunities, because the high school and college for biotechnology., which are located in Razgrad produce qualified specialists.
The Silicate Industry - This is another traditional industry for the region. Recently, this sector had the largest share of the national output for this branch /18 %/ for all industries in the region. The preconditions for this included and continue to be deposits of kaolin and quartz sands near to Senovo, Vyatovo /currently, part of the Rousse region/, Isperih and Razgrad.
Textiles - There are numerous small factories and workshops, especially in the villages and small towns, where there is a availability of cheap female labour.
Furniture Manufacturing - The main enterprise in this branch is Ludogorie 91 JSC. in Kubrat, which produces chairs and tables by order of Swedish firm IKEA and exports the large part of their production abroad. Other firms for the production of furniture are : Yasen - Stefan Stefanov Sole Trader and Paralel Sole Trader in Razgrad and Orsan Ltd in Zavet .
The Food - processing Industry - This is the sector of the economy with highest significance for the local economy. Possibly the largest company in Bulagria in the branch is "Amylum - Bulgaria" JSC, its Razgrad plant produces starches and glucose. This company is an example for successful foreign direct investment , as the firm was bought from Belgian group Amylum Group in 1993. There are numerous enterprises in meat processing and dairy. The largest enterprise in meat packing are Mesokombinat - Razgrad JSC , Kolevi Ltd., all of whom process beef, veal, mutton and pork as well as Pilko Ltd in Razgrad which processes chicken. In dairy, the largest company is Mlechna promishlenost JSC in Razgrad. There are also numerous dairy farms throughout the region. The bakery and flour mills are well developed, because the region is a grain-producing centre. The largest firms are Mlin 97 JSC in Razgrad , which produces bread and bakery products and Lazarov Ltd in Razgrad, which produces just bread. There are bakeries in almost every settlement in the region.
Construction - The Construction industry is one of the well developed branches. There is strong competition within the branch, especially among construction companies in Razgrad, where the following companies operate: Abritus Ltd., Ludogorie Ltd., Stroitel Ltd, Vodstroy, Agrostroy, Energoprommontazh - R, Vodno stroitelstvo and others.
Trade - The Trade industry is important for the local economy, as demonstrated by the fact that there are registered 4 110 active economical entities /mainly, so called "family firms"/, which represent almost half of all registered entities in the region. These small firms are very flexible in respect to market conditions.. The retail sector holds 32 % of Net Sales and 23 % of Profits of the firms in the region. There is good network of places for wholesale and retail trade in Razgrad. The larger wholesale firms are: Midiya - M.Angelov Sole Trader, Klio komers - T. Babarov Sole Trader, Holiday -S. Nedelcheva Sole Trader and Pravda Cooperative. As and V. Velikov Sole Trader - wholesale trade of vegetable and fruits. In the retail trade , the chains chops of Dzholi Bil - Gr. Hristova Sole Trader, Petrov -Tsonev Sole Trader are well known.
Transport - The Transport industry, together with the trade industry are the most dynamic developing branches. The profits of the firms increased more than two times for the period 1997- 1999. The transport network is well developed and there are numerous firms for a public and freight transport and a well developed network of taxies, especially in Razgrad. Regular bus lines are maintained to the largest Bulgarian cities Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna and neighbouring regional centres. There are some of the bus companies in the region: Avtobustrans Ltd, Razgrad Trans Avto Ltd, Alkatur Ltd, Karina - T Sole Trader in Razgrad, Isperih Avtotransport Ltd. in Isperih, Kubrat Avtotransport in Kubrat., Murtaza Ferad Sole Trader in Dyankovo village and others.
Schools/Universities/Job training
Primary schools
The total number of the schools for 1999/2000 was 102. The territorial distribution of schools /elementary, primary and secondary/ is even and depends on municipal size. The larger number of them (15) are in the Razgrad municipality.
There are three gymnasiums (high schools) in Razgrad each with a separate emphasis on foreign language, the humanities and natural mathematics. There are 13 professional schools and gymnasiums in the region. The largest number of vocational schools is in Razgrad - 5 schools of 8 total in the region. The rest are located in the municipalities Zavet, Loznitsa and Isperih. The professional technicians with a secondary educational level are studying in 3 schools in Razgrad, Zavet and Kubrat.
There are two colleges in Razgrad: the Branch Technology College of Rousse University and the Branch Economical College, the University for National and World Economies, Sofia.
The network of institutions, which provide different language and re-qualification courses is well developed, especially in Razgrad and include: the Europe School for language courses, the Center for Educational Services and Qualifications for pedagogical courses, the Znanie Society and the House for Science and Technology with courses for computer literacy, accounting, language, cooking skills and others.
Communications-TV, radio, newspapers, internet providers
The local media is well represented. There are 7 cable TV operators - three in Razgrad and one in Isperih, Kubrat, Zavet and Loznitsa , as well as two local newspapers, which publish three times per week, two private stations in Razgrad and Isperih and numerous public radio-centers.
Internet providers in the region are: Infotel, Digital Systems, Razgrad Net, Abritus Net, Orbitel. They use satellite connection and rented telephones lines.
Cultural/Recreation Resources
Tourism is not traditional industry for the region, but has developed mainly in two sub branches hunting tourism and culture - history tourism.
The hunting preserve Voden, which occupies an area of 144 940 dca (35 800 acres) and is under a special admission regime is located on the territory of the region. Red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar all with outstanding high trophy qualities, inhabit the preserve.
Specially tailored hunting tours are available for the tourists almost all year round. Hunting tourism is also offered from two hunting lodges near Kubrat with opportunities for hunting red deer, wild-boar, roe.
The culture and history tourism has developed on the basis of the unique Thracian Regal Tomb near to Sveshtari village, Isperih municipality which has provoked a high visitors interest and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other sites of this kind of tourism include archeological preserve Abritus near Razgrad, displaying the ruins of an ancient Thracian-Roman settlement; Ethnographic museum in Razgrad, which is based on local folklore of the kapantsi ethnographic group and on the annual international festivals in the field of folklore, theatre and music.

Network of hotels and restaurants are not evenly distributed in the region. In Razgrad, are located the hotel Razgrad /288 beds/ - three stars, hotel Central /88 beds/ - two stars and small hotel Accent /20 beds/ - three stars as well as a few boarding houses in the vicinity. There are few retreat centers at the Pchelina site near to Razgrad, suitable places of short duration stays.In the remaining settlements, there are no hotels, but a few hostels, lodges and chalets.
Business information and contact data

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tel. +359 84 660253, +359 84 660254, Tel/Fax: +359 84 660249

Industrial Association - Razgrad
Tel. +359 84 34206; Fax: +359 84 20027

Regional Office of the Bulgarian Chamber of Construction - Razgrad
Tel. +359 84 21568
Fax: +359 84 41223

Representatives of the National Chamber of Transport
Tel. fax: +359 84 22488

Customs' Office - Razgrad
Tel. +359 84 26827
Fax: +359 84 29825
e-mail: MB

Traditional Autumn Fair, September
Tel.+359 84 618224
Tel.+359 84 618222

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