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LAND  IN  BULGARIA     Aerial Pictures form  Dolna Banya and Borovetc,Bulgaria

We have plots all across Bulgaria and we strive to present the plots in the best possible for the buyer format. Here are AERIAL pictures of Dolna Banya Valley, the ski resort of Borovec, the Ibar Golf Development  where we have hundreds of plots for sale.

UNIQUE  SEASIDE DEVELOPMENT  of Log Villas  in Bulgaria

log houses batovo bulgaria

Unique development in construction, location and facilities. The log villas come with 50 years guarantee and bring cosiness to this small development where the owners benefit form the picturesque location in close proximity to the sea and large array of equipment and possibilities for active holiday - riding, fishing and hunting amongst them.


NEW GOLF AND SKI  Apartments, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located in South-Western Bulgaria near the Ski resort of Bansko and its nearby Golf Course this development is one of a kind. It boasts with more facilities than any other development and you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.


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Geography and population
Gabrovo region is situated in the north central part of the Balkan mountain (Stara Planina) and of the country as a whole. This strategic location defines the variety of potentials for the sustainable development of the region. The geographic position, the physical characteristics, the special features of the climate and the rich diversity of flora and fauna are an important factor for the achievement of economic and social progress.
With its total area of approximately 204 hectares and population of 145,000 ,Gabrovo region covers 356 towns and villages, administered in 4 municipalities - Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Sevlievo and Tryavna. The total number of the town and village councils is 23.
The climate of the region is temperate continental with cold winters and comparatively warm summers. Cool and wet spring and autumn. The average annual temperatures are about 10 C. Snow holds up at the high mountainous parts about 110 days of the year.
The main favourable features of the geographical position of the region that contribute to its economic development, are the crossroad position of the district area and its proper transport accessibility. Gabrovo has transport connections with the major cities in the country by road and rail. It is 220km away from the capital Sofia and it s international airport, 274km from Varna and 234 from Bourgas. The nearest airport is 60 km. away in Gorna Oryahovitsa.
The electric power system of the adjoining territory is well developed and scaled to endure extreme loading. This enables the inclusion of new consumers in the future, which will stimulate the economic development. The problems of the electric power network in the municipalities arise from some quality parameters of the electric power in a number of villages.
Large number of urban dwellings are centrally heated by a thermal energy (carried by steam), something not very popular in the UK but very cheap providing enough consumers are available. In recent years the decrease of the industrial production in the last few yeas has led to a gradual diminution of thermal energy for industrial needs. The relatively high cost, the suspension of commercial and household consumers raised the cost of the produced thermal energy.
Gabrovo region avails of water sources with fair quality and quantity. Potential property buyers and investors though have to be aware that some of the villages draw water out of local water sources with unstable and wavering debits and bad quality of the water.
Parts of the existing water supply system in the region is worn out, with lots of water wastes and expenses for running repairs. A permanent solution of the problem with the drinking water can be attained by the accomplishment of the projects for finalization of the construction of both dams - Byala /Sevlievo/ and Neikovtsi /Tryavna/ and the partial reconstruction of Christo Smirnenski dam /Gabrovo/. These infrastructure projects will secure enough water for household and industrial consumption, irrigation and energy production.
The system development and the quality of the connections are on a relatively high level. The telephone density for the region is 32 telephone posts for 100 inhabitants, which is higher than the average figure for the country. Most of the settlements are included in the system for automatic telephone dialling. The system development and the quality of the connections are on a relatively high level. The telephone density for the region is 32 telephone posts for 100 inhabitants, which is higher than the average figure for the country. Most of the settlements are included in the system for automatic telephone dialling. The connection of the town of Sevlievo to the national optic ring gives a real opportunity for satisfying the demands of the business and the citizens. In the same time the system of three mobile operators is being set up and refined. The relief of the region though does not help with mobile reception and there are number of settlements with poor mobile links. So when you buy a property always ask about telephone and/or mobile reception.
The existing road network in the region is comparatively good. Its total length is 1 106 km, 980 km of which are asphalted. The regional railway transport system serves few towns and villages of Gabrovo region. The railway stations are not important transport knots, which to a great extent hinders the development of many production and trade spheres. Therefore all economic fields rely on the automobile road system.

Schools/Universities/Job training
Educational level is an important factor not only for the economic development, but also for the quality of life of the individual and society as a whole. Even if not directly, education characterises the skill-rate of the people and the work-power. It is a kind of a measurement of the "human potential" in the region. The educational level of the population in Gabrovo region is steadily increasing. The number of people with higher education grows up at the expense of those with primary, high or not finished high education. Usually the latter live in the villages and come from the minority groups. The existing educational system strives for serving the regional needs for human resources with high qualifications in the field of culture, economy, administration, and business. The school education is obligatory and this is strictly observed on the territory of the district. There is a registered trend for increase of the number of the population with secondary and university education. The regional school system is a well-set territorially and functions efficiency. There are 52 general educational schools, 7 vocational schools, 4 special polytechnic schools, 8 technical and art schools, 1 university.

- Bus schedule Sofia-Gabrovo

Places to visit and tourist information
The region's close vicinity to the Stara Planina Mountain (The Balkan), the fresh mountain air, the natural, the historical and the ethnographical sights, the architectural reserves and complexes, the cultural monuments - they all make the district an attractive destination for national and international tourism. The region's attractiveness is not defined only by its geomorphologic diversity and pure environment. It also comes from its unusual richness of anthropological resources that include historical monuments with educational value and cultural objects, as well as events and entertainment attractions of international significance Festivals: International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts with a Carnival Parade /ever odd year/ International Festival of Comedy Films /ever odd year/ Balkan Youth Festival /yearly/ National Festival of Theatre Comedy Plays /yearly/

For those of you who are thinking of setting up a business in the region there is some useful addresses and contacts:
5300 Gabrovo
P.O.Box 217
Vazrazhane Sqr.
tel:+359 66 808839
+359 66 803142
fax: +359 66 804138
Galina Mihneva, Executive Director


5300 Gabrovo 111
Orlovska Str.
tel./fax: +359 66 27 354
Bojidar Stoikov, Executive Director


5300 Gabrovo
P.O.Box 686 1
Vazrazhane Sqr.
tel: +359 66 3 3142
fax: +359 66 3 4183
Todor Petrov, Chairman

5300 Gabrovo 37
Pencho Postompirov Str.
tel: +359 66 28 489
fax: +359 66 34 153
Bojidar Kovachev, Chairman

5300 Gabrovo 6
Stantsionna Str.
tel: +359 66 20 419
fax: +359 66 34 146

5400 Sevlievo
147, Stefan Peshev Str.

5300 Gabrovo 4
Raitcho Karolev Str.
fl. 3
tel: +359 66 29 161
fax: +359 66 36 190
Silvia Hinkova, Executive Director

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