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LAND  IN  BULGARIA     Aerial Pictures form  Dolna Banya and Borovetc,Bulgaria

We have plots all across Bulgaria and we strive to present the plots in the best possible for the buyer format. Here are AERIAL pictures of Dolna Banya Valley, the ski resort of Borovec, the Ibar Golf Development  where we have hundreds of plots for sale.

UNIQUE  SEASIDE DEVELOPMENT  of Log Villas  in Bulgaria

log houses batovo bulgaria

Unique development in construction, location and facilities. The log villas come with 50 years guarantee and bring cosiness to this small development where the owners benefit form the picturesque location in close proximity to the sea and large array of equipment and possibilities for active holiday - riding, fishing and hunting amongst them.


NEW GOLF AND SKI  Apartments, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located in South-Western Bulgaria near the Ski resort of Bansko and its nearby Golf Course this development is one of a kind. It boasts with more facilities than any other development and you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.


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Located 34 kilometres south of Bourgas on a scenic rocky peninsula, this fishing village/tourist resort/art colony is arguably the most charming place on the Black Sea coast and one of Bulgaria's crown jewels.
Founded in 610 b.c. by Ionian Greeks from Miletus and named Apollonia in honour of their most adored god, this was the first coastal Greek colony to be established. It was a thriving and important place, trading with parent Miletus, Athens, and the Isle of Rhodes.
The name Sozopol first appears as an inscription on a 4th-century Roman column, probably in connection with the patron Apollo as many ancient Greek towns called Apollonia later changed their names to Sozopolis (City of Salvation) when they accepted Christianity.
Today the area is a favoured haunt of artists, writers, and other contemplative types. It also serves as a regular stop-over for tour groups from the large beach resorts as well as being a favoured playground for Bulgarians.
The old town beach, nestled in a protected, horseshoe-shaped bay, generally offers shallower bathing and more amenities than the new town beach situated a kilometre or so to the south on the other side of the Harmanite ) headland.
Saint Kirik (Cyril) Island is where the Miletians first established their colony of Apollonia. It was joined by a narrow breakwater to the peninsula in 1926. Now a naval base, it is closed to the general public.

Transport System

The sea passenger transport has a seasonal character because of its tourist nature.

Port Sozopol, which is of regional importance, is situated on the municipality's territory. It is used for passenger transportation, tours and cargo shipment. There are seven ship places and a harbour station with a checkpoint.

The republican road network on the municipality's territory consists of a first-class road І-9, which is a part of the European road network and in particular of the Е-87 road. Its length on the municipality's territory is 24 km. The next in importance is the third-class road ІІІ-908 (Bourgas - Rossen - Vesselie) with a length 31 km. Fourth-class roads with a total length 109.9 km pass through the municipality's territory.

- Bus schedule Sofia-Sozopol

What to See and Do
Archaeological Museum - (off the main square between the bus station and port area, tel 226) Housed in a stylish building erected in 1977 by the Army Corps of Engineers, this small museum definitely deserves a look-see. Sveta Bogoroditsa (Holy Virgin) Church -It's easy to walk right past this church - it was built half-buried in the earth during the 17th century so as not to offend the ruling Ottomans.Saints Kiril and Metodi (across from the summer theatre) No longer a working church, the large white structure is part of the Archaeology Museum and used for art exhibitions during Apollonia days.Sveta Nedelya Chapel (corner of Phoenix and Glarus) the door to this very small chapel is tied shut with a rope; simply untie it and enter. Inside are icons and candles. There are several other small neighbourhood chapels like this around Sozopol.

Art Gallery (#70 Kiril and Metodi, tel 202, 8: 30am-6: 30 pm daily) Apollonia Arts Festival - Named in honour of Apollo, god of music and poetry, this annual ten-day arts festival is held in early September. A half-dozen venues around town stage nightly performances featuring a variety of music, theatre, dance, cinema and other events, attracting both national and international talent.

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