Apartment Complex Nessebar, Sunny Beach
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The five story complex “Nessebar”, situated in west Sunny Beach and enveloped by the beautiful flora, is a great purchase option for any buyer looking for a property that will generate rental income for years to come. The complex benefits from its neat location in the lively casino region, that is planned to be included in the common architectural plan of the mega resort Sunny Beach – Nessebar. The proximity to the seashore, the countless entertainment options and extras the complex offers are some of the great advantages that separate “Nessebar” from all other complexes.


The apartment complex “Nessebar” is an entity combining luxury built apartments, commercial and service areas with lots of extras included, making it practically a standalone fully functional residential compound. It is a unique blend of a super modern building, offering all kinds of comforts, and many places within its boundaries that could satisfy the needs of every apartment owner. The complex also features an entertainment centre with countless opportunities for you to spend good time, another proof of its class and attractiveness. 

“Nessebar” is divided in 5 blocks, each of which has its own entrance. The whole building takes up 3800 sq. m., and includes many different by size and location apartments in accordance to even the most exquisite and demanding client. The entire area of the complex is 9500 sq. m. with 2000 sq. m. are left free, not built upon and for flora growth.
The five blocks of the main building are situated in the form of letter “L”. Most of the apartments have view to the pool and facing the sea, while the others are facing the mountain.
Block A is comprised of 29 apartments, including one bedroom apartments – 26 and two bedroom ones - 3; the size of which ranges from 56.86 sq.m. to 107.93 sq.m.
Block B is comprised of 20 apartments, 19 of which are one bedroom and 1 two bedroom. The apartments begin from 58.15 sq.m. up to 73.98 sq.m.
Block C consists of 15 apartments: 5 are one bedroom and 10 are two bedroom. The area of these apartments begins from 84.90 sq.m. to 122.94 sq.m.
Block D consists of 19 apartments: 18 one bedroom and 1 two bedroom. The area starts from 55.78 sq.m. and varies to 101.48 sq.m.
Block E has 15 apartments: 7 are one bedroom ones and 8 are two bedroom. The size is between 79.89 sq.m. and 132.63 sq.m.

The complex offers many more comforts and entertainments: Medical centre with 3 medicinal offices including a dentist; Drug store; A 24 hour kindergarten; A large restaurant; Café; Supermarket; Hair salon; Beauty salon; Massage centre; Banking branch; An insurance company office; A large casino; A rent-a-car service; Dry cleaners;  Clothing store; Shoes store; Souvenir shop; Bathing accessories store; Jewellery; Day bar; A swimming pool – standard and children size; A green garden with exotic plants and leisure corners.

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