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Apartment in a complex FOR SALE in Sunny Beach

  · place: Sunny Beach
  · region: Burgas
  · total surface: 49 sq.m.
property location
 airport - 32 km
Vista Del Mar II - Sunny Beach

Holiday village Vista Del Mar is located on the regulated land property RLP XII-3220, quarter2 1 according to the plan of the region “Yurta-Balkan”, Intsaraki, Nessebar Municipality.

The investment project is situated north of the road which connects the resorts Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas, next to the local road and the parking area in the region. The favorable and natural slant of the terrain to the south and the fantastic view of the sea make this countryside very suitable for the construction of residences the majority of which are seasonal type.

The presence of air currents between the sea and the nearby mountain defile determines a matchless natural phenomenon which clears the air. No wonder why just 200 m away from Vista Del Mar the only Sea sanatorium for the treatment of diseases of the lungs and the joints is located - situated in a UNIQUE micro-climatic region.

Perfect sea panorama which explains the name of the project!
About the project

The volumetric town-plan decision is determined by the particular datum – a territory with adequate width, respectively big depth and specific characterization of the slant. The proposed step-like X- shape structure of the complex does not only provide the possibility for sea-view from each residence, but is also favorable for the observing of the necessary elongations to the neighboring boundaries.

An attractive space is planned in the frontal southern part of the yard between the two bodies of the X where thanks to the slant of the terrain are situated in a step-like manner the pools and the terraces with lounges and umbrellas, a restaurant, an outdoor bar and a shopping complex. It is also planned the construction of a small recreational center that includes sauna, fitness, Jacuzzi etc.

The constructed residences are seasonal small-size type but with the necessary luxury typical for these kinds of apartments.

The individual entrances of the 5 sectors of the structure “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and “K” are accessible via the car alleys and through the vertical joints with a triple system of elevators and staircases can be reached the desired floors, then along the outside corridors each residence is reached.

In accordance with the program of the investor, the residences are solved as one-room, two-room, three-room and studio-type. Each type has a bedroom, a living room with a kitchenette and a dining spot, a bathroom with a bath and toilet and with the three-room flats there are also separate lavatories. The living-rooms are connected with big terraces with a sea-view.

The building is completed in 5 step-like levels with a monolithic armored concrete construction.

The outside and barraged walls are made of bricks and plasterboard with the standard hydro and thermal insulation.

The facades will correspond to the sea characteristics by means of the proportions and detail. The use of wooden plating and lining stone, gently applied and emphasizing the completeness of the building will bring it nearer to the traditional pattern of Nessebar’s architecture.

The opportunities for planting and grassing have also been considered – except for the free indoor spaces of the yards, it is anticipated to plant short and high vegetation in the areas round the alleys next to the fences. Green fenestrated surface is planned for the alleys.

The vertical plan of the complex determines rationally numerous cozy places for the recreation and vacation of guests – arbors, benches, green spots for the children etc.

The construction of an outdoor parking lot is also planned right in front of the complex with an easy access to the main road and the local roadway.

The access to the complex will be controlled 24 hours daily through the front entrance of the site constructed for this purpose, emphasized by the impressive colonnades, as well as аn overhead road for cars.

Services available in complex Vista Del Mar:

* Outdoor pool
* Children’s pool
* Jacuzzi
* Sauna
* Fitness center
* Games room
* Shops
* Restaurant
* Pool bar
* Panoramic terrace
* Outdoor guarded parking lot
* 24-hours security guard of the site and a controlled access
* Safe
* Change
* Room service
* Various tourist services for the guests of the complex, namely:
o Transfers
o Rent-a-car
o Excursions and additional activities
o Other

Property management - 8 Eur/sq.m. from the built-up area


The holiday village apartments Vista Del Mar is located right on the Black Sea beach, at the foot of the southern flanks of eastern Stara Planina mountain.

The project is being realized at the heart of the biggest tourist region in Bulgaria. Actually, this is the New Bulgarian Riviera – stretching from Aheloy and Ravda, passing through Nessebar, Sunny Beach and St. Vlas and reaching Paradise Beach and the Eleni.

Here are some of the major advantages of the location of Vista Del Mar:

* it is situated in a region, which is distinguished for its unique climate, popular with its healing virtues, next to the Sea Sanatorium – only one of its kind. It is a natural phenomenon located between the mountain and the sea!

* fantastic panorama over one of the longest beaches of Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, as well as over the ancient town of Nessebar.

* exceptional communicativeness of the project: The complex is located next to the following major tourist sites: Bourgas – 38 km., Nessebar – 8 km., Sunny Beach – 3 km., Bourgas Airport – 32 km., Pradise Beach – 1,5 km., The Eleni complex – 2 km.

* it is located in a quiet region suitable for recreational tourism close to the park of the famous Sea Sanatorium popular for its rich green vegetation.

* The close proximity to the luxury and the various entertainments of the most popular Bulgarian tourist resort – Sunny Beach, especially to its most elite northern part.

* It is located only 2 km away from the resort St. Vlas, typical of its detached luxurious holiday complexes. You can feel the comfort of the family hotels and the boarding-houses, the sea-style national restaurants and taverns.

* First class road network to the complex. Currently is being constructed the most modern yaught port on the Black Sea coast in the north-eastern part of the shore.

Available Apartments

Ap. N


Number bedrooms

Build-up area m²

Shared area m²

Total area m²

Price per m²


A 3






€ 895

€ 54200

A 12






€ 852

€ 49900

B 10






€ 900

€ 49800

B 14






€ 969

€ 52500

C 1a






€ 948

€ 46000

E 6






€ 951

€ 56500

E 10






€ 857

€ 49800

M 2






€ 1179

€ 28300

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Published on: 05 September 2011
Last modified: 05 September 2011