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Apartment in a complex FOR SALE in Sunny Beach

  · place: Sunny Beach
  · region: Burgas
  · total surface: 30 sq.m.
property location
 airport - 26 km
 train - 35 km
 bus - 0.200 km
 beach - 0.450 km
Residential complex "GERBER RESIDENCE-2", Sunny Beach

The residential complex of holiday apartments "GERBER RESIDENCE-2" is located in the West zone of Sunny Beach. It is registered as land property III-437 in the area 3403 of the building regulation plan of the resort and has total surface area of 2662 sqm.

The building is intended for seasonal use but it can function all year round. The residential area is developed mainly into one-room studio apartments where the living and sleeping area are part of a common space, linked but separated by furniture. There is also a small but functional kitchenette. A bathroom with a bath tub come as standard. In addition to that there are a number of small to average size two-room apartments (one bedroom). They consist of an open living and dining area with kitchenette and a small bedroom. Separate bathroom with a bath comes as standard.

The top two floors will be developed into 20 open space maisonette - type apartments with an internal staircase leading to the upper level where the one or two bedrooms are situated. They are of a moderate size and are designed to make the best use of space with functionality in mind.

With the intention of providing choice of apartments on offer, an additional 2 two-bedroom maisonette style apartments have been designed. They consist of a living area,dining area with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a hallway and bathroom with a bath tub.

On request, the living area may be adapted so as to have additional sleeping area in a 2+2 configuration in all apartments.

The design of Gerber residence is such that the building is situated in the central part of the plot, with the long axis of the building stretching from East to West and positioned so that most apartments face the sea.

The architectural scheme of the building is one of a central corridor with apartments on both sides, with lift and staircase situated on the side of the building.

The overall architectural concept is one of a modern building with some classical elements in the form of renders, colours and shapes. The result is a building with vibrant mediterranean orange and white colours set against the strong lines of the stone coloured roof. The top level terraces peek through the eaves in bold triangular shapes.The detailed ironmongery on the balconies are reminiscent of a more classical style.

All apartments, including the studio-type apartments, have their own terraces, sheltered by the eave of the roof. Maximum use of light in all apartments has been made by incorporating large high quality PVC windows.

The building has five floors plus an additional sixth floor containing the maisonette-style apartments. There is no basement. The construction is monolithic – concrete and steel, using a system of construction that is based on a beamless structure. Ceramic bricks will be used for the walls, which will be protected from the elements on the outside by the necessary thermo-insulation, in conformity with current standards. The internal walls will be treated with fine machine plastering and latex-painted. The facades will be formed by using mineral hydro-insulation materials, stone encasing, metal and other materials which blend with the architectural design. The joinery will be from PVC with thermo-material which will contribute to the environmentally friendly nature of the building.

The necessary communication and security systems, installations of cable TV and internet, as well as air-conditioning systems are incorporated into the design.

The access to the plot is through the security-attended entrance from the street on the east side. The access for cars is also from the south, alongside the southern façade of the building. Within the plot boundaries, there is open-air parking for 25 cars. The area around the car park will be landscaped with trees and shrubs. Entrance to the building is situated in the east where a small hallway leads to the staircase and the elevator. Access to the apartments will be controlled via the entrance with an allocated area for security staff.

The garden will be landscaped using flowers and shrubs, which are typical for the region. There is a swimming pool in the north side of the residence, which is surrounded by a recreational area with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a children’s area in near proximity to the pool.


The holiday apartment complex, "GERBER RESIDENCE-2" is situated in the southern central part of the 'West' zone of the Sunny Beach resort. The location of the future development is west of the central artery of communications Nessebar - Sunny Beach - Saint Vlas. The residence is situated close to the beach and at the same time is in a peaceful region protected from traffic noise by the surrounding forrest. In that sense the location is ideal both for active holidays and relaxation.

Proximity to main points of interest:
* Quiet area with no traffic, despite the convenient location face to face the beach line and the central transport points in Sunny Beach.
* Located in one of the most desirable and upmarket areas of the resort. Close to the “GERBER RESIDENCE-2” are the popular hotels and apartment complexes "CONTINENTAL", "TIARA BEACH", ”KORONA”, ”BURGAS BEACH”, ”MERIDIAN”, “NESSEBAR BEACH”, ”SUMMER DREAMS”, ”AMADEUS 11”, ”GRIGORIA”
* NO HIGH RISE BUILDINGS around the development and in the zone up to the beach line in front of the complex.
* NOT SO BIG NUMBER OF TOURISTS ON THE BEACH because the low build-up density of the area.
* The BEAUTIFUL natural vegetation around GERBER RESIDENCE-2 has been preserved, as in the nearby residences /predominated Plane trees/. This makes the area ideal for rest and recreation.
* Easy and quick access to the main roads
o Nessebar – Sunny Beach - Saint Vlas
o Burgas – Varna
* There's no extra charge for the admission of cars as in the area, unlike in the East zone.
* Close proximity to the south central part of the resort. The distance from "GERBER RESIDENCE-2" to the main important attractions in the tourist complex Sunny Beach are as follows:

Object Approximetely in meters
The beach line of the complex 450
Central pedestrian alley 250
The central bus stop, taxi rank, tourist train stop 200
Polyclinic 850
24 hour chemist shop 300
Police 2000
Post office 1500
Shops, supermarkets, outdoor market for goods/ food products 200 - 400
Banks 300 - 500
Money changing facilities 200
Tourist agents 100 - 200
The best value restaurants and bars 200 - 400
The most popular discos and nightclubs in the complex 300 - 500
Aquapark “Action” 1600

Base level of the conclusion of the construction works
* living-room, corridors - laminated parquet
* Bedrooms - laminated parquet
* Bathrooms: terra-cotta
* Terrace: ceramics
* rooms: living-room, bedroom, corridors – machine plastering painted with latex
* bathrooms: faience
* outside walls: heat insulation
* completely fitted out with sanitary faience, bath-tub, accesorries
Water-supply and sewerage installations
* water-supply: polypropylene
* sewerage: PVC
* individual water-meter for each flat
Electrical installations
* standard cabling set in corrugated tubes
* switches, wall plugs and lighting fixtures
* lighting fixtures for the common parts and the nearby area
* individual electrometer for each flat
* individual electric boiler for each flat
* Door entrance: MDF
* Door bathrooms: PVC
* sink and cupboards with the necessary electric terminals, water-supply and sewerage installations

Setting up an installation for cable TV, Internet
Split air-conditioning installation 1 peace for each appartment

Kitchen electrical appliances
* Hot plates-ceramic or usual
* Refrigerator
* Absorber
Full bedroom furnishing
Full living-room furnishing
Window curtains/blinds
Dinning set, bedroom body linen and other accessories - for extra charge. /It is recommended from the apartments for rent/.- €250


The maintained tax is 10 EUR/sq.m. /VAT EXCLUDED/ of the full build-up area of the apartment together with the common parts of the building yearly.

After signing the maintenance contract, the owners of apartments in "GERBER RESIDENCE-2" has the opportunity use the under mentioned services is being extended:
* a twenty four hours security service
* every-day cleaning of the shared and nearby areas
* maintenance and watering of the adjoining lawns
* free use of the swimming pool
* consumption of water and electricity for the shared space
* technical maintenance of the property – elevators, lighting etc..

Services provided for extra charge:
* cleaning and airing the flats
* laundry and ironing
* current repairs and technical maintenance of each owner's flat
* arrangement on the spot of the payment of taxes owed by the owners: for the building and the refuse as well as all current bills for the communal expenses – electricity, water, telephone etc.
* providing a baby-sitter
* rent-a-car services
* general tourist services such as
o plane, bus and train tickets
o excursions in Bulgaria as well as in neighboring countries
o professional guides
o TRANSFERS to the airport – group and individual.


Stage 1 30.09.2010
Turning the first sod
Stage 2 30.09.2010-30.10.2010
Active development of a foundation ditch. Terracing the terrain. Works on stacking a zero level. Moulding of the ground floor and the first plate.
Stage 3 30.10.2010–20.11.2010
Completion of the rough construction for floor 1
Stage 4 20.11.2010–10.12.2010
Completion of the rough construction for floor 2
Stage 5 10.12.2010-31.12.2010
Completion of the rough construction for floor 3.
Stage 6 01.01.2011-28.02.2011
Completion of the construction works of floors 4-6. Making of all barrage walls. Signing of the certificate for approving the construction of the building up to stage "rough construction works" /Act Pattern 14/.
Stage 7 01.03.2011–30.04.2011
Building up the roof construction.
Stacking electric, plumbing and others installations.
Finishing works inside the building.
Stage 8 Not later than 15.05.2011
Completing all finishing works. Final completion of the building.
Signing of Act Pattern 15.
Stage 9 15.05.2011–30.05.2011
Definite completion of the vertical planning of the building. Final equipment of the apartments and the building
Stage 10 30.05.2011
Delivering the apartments to their owners. Organization activities to prepare the exploitation of the building site for the summer tourist season.
Stage 11 30.06.2011
Issuing a Certificate for the utilization of the building site /Act Pattern 16/.

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Published on: 03 August 2010
Last modified: 12 July 2012