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Apartment in a complex FOR SALE in Sveti Vlas

  · place: Sveti Vlas
  · region: Burgas
  · total surface: 56 sq.m.
property location
Apartment Complex Ivet is located in the central part of the Village of Sveti Vlas, to the north of the road to the Elenite resort and falls within a residential development area with prevailing average-height development. The general slope of the land is approximately 3% to the south. Access is provided from the street servicing the place from the north. There is an 8-meter zone between the main road and the estate intended for greening for the purpose of its reinforcement.

Architectural and Composition Solution:
- south view for all apartments, overlooking the swimming pool and the sea;
- convenient access from the underground garages to each apartment through 2 elevators and three staircases;
- autonomy of the accommodations.

Servicing of the accommodations will be provided by a manager, security guards and staff for whom the respective rooms are provided in the one-storey section between the two apartment buildings. The sites on the separate floors are distributed as follows:

The first level (underground garage) includes 8 parking spaces.

The following installations in the apartment building are designed:
- electric lighting and power supply installations;
- bell and intercom installation;
- cable TV installation;
- telephone lines installation;
- lightning-protection and grounding installations;
- water supply and internal water pipeline installation;
- sewerage.

Finishing & options
- The flat is finished internally to a high standard and completely furnished - it is a benefit in case of 100 % payment;
- Completely furnished flat - 4 000 EUR
- Completely furnished studio - 3 000 EUR
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Published on: 24 March 2009
Last modified: 24 March 2009