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Apartment in a complex FOR SALE in Sozopol

  · place: Sozopol
  · region: Burgas
  · total surface: 40 sq.m.
property location
 airport - 34 km
 train - 30 km
Apartments Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA, Sozopol

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA is located in the town of Sozopol on the widest and longest beach of Kavatsite. The complex provides for an excellent infrastructure offering a pleasant holiday, as well as facilities for active sport activities. Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA has been designed to meet the highest of 5-star European standards while the virgin nature and the broad beach are unique not only for the region of the town of Sozopol but for the Black Sea coast. This is the place where Nature, Romance and Beauty meet.

The Complex is completely accomplished – equipped with all necessary amenities and fully furnished: the living rooms and the bedrooms are provided with, curtains, damask cloths, TV set for the living room; the kitchenettes are equipped with all the necessary electrical appliances, easy to use and the bathrooms are fitted with bathroom furniture and accessories which give the owners the opportunity for immediate subsequent rent.

The sports and recreation centre gives the owners and their guests the rare opportunity of a wide range of on-site recreational services and programmes. The owners and their guest can enjoy the high standard of the services offered, as well as, the latest innovations in recreation procedures and up-to-date technologies and stylish facilities of the sport and Medical & Recreation centres.

The beach offers luxury, peace and at the same times a variety of sport activities and entertainment.

The mild climate of the Southern Black Sea coast presupposes an all-year-round occupancy of the Complex and development of the conference tourism.


Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA is located just across the widest and longest beach in Sozopol. The wide and sandy beach wrapped in the dunes is a real pleasure for every one while the sheltered location gives the delight of a long summer.

The uniqueness of the most beautiful beach along the Southern Black Sea coast is in the combination of the soft sand, the long and broad beach, the sunny dunes, the tender breeze and the freshness of the greenery which surrounds the area.

▪ Urban area which offers entertainment and amenities for each taste and temperament

- A staff of professionals inspires a lively and natural atmosphere of the numerous open-air cafés, bars and “chill out” clubs on the beach
- People fond of water sports can relish all sport facilities – water skiing, surfing, scuba diving and fishing, jets, scooters, beach volleyball
- The other amenities include parachuting, delta glider, yachting, boat sailing and small ship tours, an excursion train

▪ The virgin area of the beach brings peace and calmness – a real relaxation in a complete harmony with Nature, the sea infinity and boundlessness of mind. For most of the guest the feeling of fusion with Nature is the most important feature of a real rest. The virgin and intact beach together with the freshness of the greenery imply the pleasure of an earthly Eden.

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA meets the European standard of an all-year-round holiday complex and the services offered bring an added value to a 5-star Complex.

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA stands out with a number of competitive advantages, among which the safety of the investment and the opportunity for high rental returns.

The concept of the architecture is based on a contemporary Mediterranean style blended with typical accents of the Bulgarian traditions in architecture, such as sloped red tile roofs and stone footing.

Facilities & Services

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA is a self-contained complex with independent infrastructure which includes:

Swimming Pools
Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA is wrapped in greenery and water areas. The Complex has 4 swimming pools of a total area of 600 square meters separated into 2 basic units, flowing into each other. The lovely waterfalls, tangentor streams, the pool bar and the mini slides enhance the unique style and attractive view of the water area of the Complex.

Sport and Amenities
For people fond of active sport activities Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA offers:
▪ Tennis court
▪ Football field
▪ Basketball court
The active sport activities located on the beach include:
▪ Water-skiing
▪ Scuba diving and fishing
▪ Yachting
▪ Surfing
▪ Beach Volleyball

The complex features in-door sport facilities and a children’s playground with animators

Shopping Area
The spacious shopping area in Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA can suit every taste.

Restaurants and cafés
There are many entertainment places – restaurants with excellent cuisine and quiet cafés -ensuring high spirits of the owners and the guests of Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA.

The Hotel in the Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA features:
▪ Reception Lounge
▪ Lobby Bar
▪ Restaurant
▪ Confectionary
▪ Travel Agents Services
▪ Rent-a-Car
▪ Parking Lots
▪ 24-hour security service

The luxurious units of the Sports & Recreation centre tends to ensuring an atmosphere of relax and pleasure:
▪ Sauna
▪ Steam Bath
▪ Tangentor
▪ Medical and Sport massages
▪ Beauty Parlour
▪ Hairdresser’s
▪ Medical Centre
▪ Fitness

Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA offers different variations of the basic types of apartments: studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments. There are 56 apartments in the Hotel.

The apartments in Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA are transferred accomplished with high quality materials and fully furnished with functional and stylish furniture – all items necessary for the coziness of a house, such as upholstered furniture, bedroom suites, bookcases, cabinets, wardrobes, TV sets, blinds, curtains and other

Stage of Completeness


Stage of completion




PVC window frames, MDF doors, plastered and latex painted walls, mounted wall plugs, switches, light fixtures, curtains


Double extendible sofa, coffee table, armchair, TV stand, dining table and chairs, TV set, air condition



Kitchen cupboards with a sink, cooker and an extractor fan, refrigerator



Double bed with mattress and cover, wardrobe, 2 bed-side cabinets, a chest of drawers and a mirror


Granite compound tiles



Italian faience and terracotta tiles; mounted fixtures – wash basin, mono block, accessories, shower unit, boiler and an extractor fan;

*The free furniture pack does not include an inventory pack.
*Extra air condition is available at price of 760 euro.

Maintenance and Property Management
For the convenience of the owners Paradise Dune Hotel & SPA has a centralized management which is obligatory and includes the common parts of the building where the apartment is situated, as well as, the open space (the yard) of the complex.

Maintenance fees:
▪ For a studio– 400 euro per year*
▪ For one-bedroom apartment - 500 euro per year*
▪ For two-bedroom apartment - 600 euro per year*

* Charges are VAT excluded

Sozopol – a cross point of Ancient nations and Cultures and modern Art
Sozopol is situated at the southern end of Bourgas Bay, 34 km from Bourgas - the third largest Bulgarian city with an international airport. The transfer from the airport takes less than 30 minutes.
Sozopol is regarded as the oldest and the most artistic town on the Black Sea Southern Coast because of its atmosphere and lifestyle. The town is divided into two parts called the New and the Old Town. The latter is picturesquely situated on a rocky peninsular.
The bay Kavatsite is located to the South of the town of Sozopol. The region is called “Kavatsite” because of the tall poplars that grow there (from the Turkish word “kavak”, meaning “poplar”.) The wide, sandy shore is embraced on two sides by rocky promontories. The bay is sheltered from the hazardous northerly and north-westerly winds by the capes of St. Messiah and St. Angelina. The broad and sandy beach borders on a forest. The bay was part of the ancient ‘polis’ of Apollonia, and was used as a port. One very rarely met plant, the sand lily, grows only in this region, and can be seen thriving on the sand dunes. All efforts to transplant it to other parts of the Black Sea coast were fruitless.
Sozopol has two passenger ports. Thanks to its southern location, the sunshine days here last from the beginning of May to October. The fans of water sports, windsurfing and scuba diving can find excellent conditions for sport in the attractive secluded little beaches to the south.
Sozopol is a popular tourist destination, famous with the artistic community of Bulgaria, as well as the numerous foreign tourists who visit it. Every year at the beginning of September, the town hosts the Apolonia Arts Festival, which is undoubtedly the greatest event in the field of cultural tourism.

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Published on: 10 November 2008
Last modified: 20 April 2010