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House  in Gabrovo

  · place: Gabrovo
  · region: Veliko Turnovo
  · total surface: 400 sq.m.
property location
 airport - 250 km
 train - 17 km
 bus - 0.1 km
 beach - 250 km
Great Property in Fabulous Location. Nearby attractions and Historic places. Ideal for B&B.

For sale here is a property located in the village of Shumeli , very close to to the renowned museum Etara in Gabrovo, a very popular tourist location all year around.

The property is perched on the bank of river Iantra, which is one of the largest in Bulgara and end up in the Great Denube River. The part where the house is the river is more like a stream though and is a nice feature of the house adding to its attraction. The house is quite large with three large rooms on the second floor, kitchen living room, another room on the first floor and a toilet /shower. No one has lived there for a while and it definitely need some renovation, otherwise is a solid house with a few outbuildings and a garage. The garden is quite small which makes it the perfect holiday home garden, as there wont be much to tidy up after you have been away. The garage is quite large and with the adjacent outbuildings are making up for the small garden. Under the trees on the pictures in the distance there is the river , which can be quite large and deep in the spring but usually small brook when it is not raining.No floods have been recored in the area during the property lifetime ( more than 50 years). The neighbours are nice old couple and can look after the property while you are away.They have been doing that for us for the last 3 years. There is also an English person living in the village, a local English furniture factory manager. Although the village is tucked in the mountain, Shumelli being a subburb of the nearby town of Gabrovo&, is well connected with regular bus transport to the city centre. The old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnvo is only 30 miles away, while the Black Sea and Sofia are approximately 250km away and on about 2,5hrs drive.

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Published on: 10 July 2008
Last modified: 25 March 2011